CellBlock Reusable & Adjustable Comfort Mask (5 Pack)

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CellBlock Face Mask | Reusable & Adjustable Comfort Mask | 3 Ply Breathable Cotton | Triple-layer reusable mask (5 Pack)

The CellBlock Face Mask is a protective reusable comfort mask great for staying safe against bacterial and viral particles in the air. This packaging contains 5 masks, and these face covers are excellent for use by all ages. It has been tested and certified by relevant bodies as 100% safe to use. A face mask is a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful airborne illnesses. With the CellBlock face mask, you can go about your daily activities comfortably, knowing that you have adequate protection.

• HIGH PERCENTAGE OF EFFICIENCY: The CellBlock face mask has been adequately tested, and it meets the standard conditions to ensure your safety. With this breathable face mask, you can enjoy up to 89% efficiency for blocking 0.3 Micron particles and 96% efficiency in flocking 0.5 Micron particles. This means that it is also effective for protection against viral droplets in the atmosphere

• MAXIMUM COMFORT: Our CellBlock face mask is made using 100% breathable materials to ensure your utmost comfort. Your comfort is our priority, and these face masks have just the right level of thickness to protect you from toxic particles in the atmosphere while you breathe in a sufficient quantity of air all day.

• HYPOALLERGENIC COTTON LAYERS: With our efficient filter material integrated with soft hypoallergenic cotton layers in the CellBlock face mask, you are at no risk of allergic reactions. Using this triple layer reusable mask means you can wear it all day comfortably without worrying about skin reactions.

• ADJUSTABLE TIGHT FIT: To keep you from touching the face mask repeatedly while being exposed to contaminated surfaces, the CellBlock face mask has a soft braided adjustable elastic strap and moldable nose bar. It’s a one size fits all mask as it fits comfortably behind your head and neck with no risk of falling off during usage

• 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Complete Medical Services has been committed to ensuring the safety of people as much as possible with quality products. The CellBlock Face Mask is one of these products that has been adequately tested and certified 100% safe for use by the public. It is also effective at protecting you in public, even when a virus is on a rampage. We assure you of 100% satisfaction or your money back guaranteed.

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