PARTpoint, Inc. is a United States-headquartered company that has built its 17-year history on efficiently addressing and managing corporate, government and institutional supplier and client issues. Through working with global resources to identify reputable manufacturers and vendors to establish reliable supply chains, and developing an expertise in transportation and other logistics matters in addition to emphasizing critical attention to details and customer service, we bridge the gap between sought after goods, products and materials and the markets that drive demand. We are determined to ensure a positive customer experience from end-to-end — ranging from researching our extensive network to find quality supplies, to negotiating on the client’s behalf to secure the desired quantity at a competitive cost (which we know is important when taxpayer dollars are being used), to simplifying the purchase order process, and overseeing the shipping arrangements so the client’s interests are best met.

PARTpoint has earned a solid position that began in the Information Technology (IT) field. We are now quickly growing in other areas, including but not limited to Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”).

Regarding PARTpoint’s IT business, its two-tier strategy provides for the ability to acquire pre-owned IT assets and to sell affordable computers, tablets and mobile phones to schools and universities, hospitals and Fortune 5000 companies. Given the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need for mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones and well as home office products like VOIP phones, routers and teleconferencing equipment.

As for the PPE supplies segment of PARTpoint, it is especially active as the lifting of precautionary requirements are underway. PPE will remain a part of the Center for Disease Control guidelines into the foreseeable future. Employers will reopen; colleges and universities will receive faculty, staff and students; hospitals, medical and dental facilities will take patients in larger numbers; the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government will conduct their business; restaurants, retailers, and entertainment venues will again see activity; and more of the faithful will soon flock to worship centers. However, the attempts to return to our new norm in all of these situations will require the continued use of social distancing rules and PPE.

At PARTpoint, we are aware of the problems that many organizations experienced when looking for PPE — it is an extremely complicated environment. We use an ethical approach with an appreciation for the objectives potential and existing clients have when buying PPE. We take into account that many groups are looking to purchase large volumes of PPE, supplies they typically had not needed to buy in large numbers in the past. We are prepared to walk them through the process, help them with their PPE purchase, and place them on the right course for any future purchases.