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Become a PARTpoint Vendor

Vendor Requirements

PARTpoint Inc. is requesting that all vendors comply with the following purchasing and invoicing procedures. Failure to do so may result in suspension of your vendor authorization. Please contact the Purchasing Manager to discuss any of the following items with which you cannot comply with at this time.

PARTpoint Inc. will indicate the freight method for delivery of product on all purchase orders. As appropriate, we will specify a particular carrier and freight account to be billed on our “freight collect” orders. PARTpoint Inc. will not pay freight charges for any purchases in which we specified the product to ship freight collect.

Purchase order numbers will be provided verbally and/or by fax with every order. All invoices must reflect a valid PARTpoint Inc. purchase order number. PARTpoint Inc. will not pay invoices that do not reflect a valid purchase order number.


All purchase order numbers must be referenced on the outside of each box, and packing slips are required with all shipments. If an order is a multiple box shipment, the number of boxes and waybill numbers must be referenced on the packing slips.
If a serial and/or reference numbers are required for material returns, these numbers must be Included on each packing slip. PARTpoint Inc. will no longer accept rejected RMA’s due to serial and/or reference number discrepancies.

Vendors must pay freight charges for return of any DOA product.

All product must be packed in instapak, styrofoam, foam or bubble wrap. Popcorn and newspaper is not an acceptable form of packaging. Anti-static packaging must also accompany all applicable product. Poorly packaged product will not be accepted.

Material Safety Data Sheets must be Included with any orders for product requiring them.

For all drop shipments, waybill, package weight, dimensions, any applicable freight charges, and serial number information must be provided to PARTpoint Inc. the same day the order is placed.

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