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Company Philosophy

We believe the real success of a business enterprise is measured by a "triple bottom line" (TBL): its impact on people, profits, and the planet. This involves being clear about the company’s purpose and taking into consideration the needs of all the company’s stakeholders—shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, governments, local communities and the public. PARTpoint Inc. is committed to managing our business and measuring our success in a way that balances these principles:


Our partners. Our employees make the difference! We invest in the development of our employees and provide a professional, challenging and rewarding environment. Our people create our success. Accordingly, all who work in our company share in our success. We have created an innovative system to assure that all of our people share in ownership of the company.

Our local communities. We owe a great deal of our success to the strong communities in which we live and work. PARTpoint is committed to keeping those communities vibrant and healthy. We strive to create opportunities for our people to participate as volunteers in our communities.

Our global community. We are citizens in a global community. We at PARTpoint are committed to being a force for constructive change. We will conduct our business in every country with uncompromising integrity.


We depend as a company on the financial capital invested in us. We must be profitable and solid in the long term to ensure our continued development. Our focus on profitability attracts sufficient capital for our continued growth and ensures a reasonable return on our shareholders’ investments in our company. Our goal is to be so financially successful that other companies will want to follow our example.


Sustainability. The term "sustainability" refers to the ability to meet our generation's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Current practices in the electronics industry are clearly unsustainable.

We believe that this is both good citizenship and good business practice. We will use these principles to meet our goal of continued growth and delivering value through focus on our customers, suppliers and employees.

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